Thursday, March 1, 2012

Download Free Quilt Pattern - Shaded Nine Patch Scrap Quilt

The Shaded Nine Patch block is quick and easy to make and there are several piecing options. The first is using scraps and a square up ruler and the second is using strips from 13 light and 13 dark fabrics. This free quilt pattern download uses the strip option but here I will explain the scraps and square up ruler option.

The Shaded Nine Patch block consists of three light squares, three dark squares and three half square triangles made from both light and dark fabrics. When you look at the completed block it resembles a half square triangle. This means you can set these blocks in a multitude of ways. All the log cabin settings will work, all the pinwheel settings work and any setting that uses half square triangles works. In this download there are seven example layouts. What I like most about this block is that you can piece lots of them and decide later how to set them.

If I were making lots of half square triangles using just two fabrics, my choice for piecing them is to use Triangles On A Roll. This piecing method uses paper as a foundation so the method is fast, easy and very accurate. However, when piecing individual half square triangles from a light and a dark square, I prefer to cut the squares slightly larger than needed. Why? I don't like cutting anything at "something" and 7/8". I would rather round up to the next inch and trim later. For me this is both easier to cut and more accurate.

The finished block in this quilt is 9" so each of the squares and half square triangles finish at 3".
  • The squares are cut at 3-1/2".
  • For the half square triangles normally the squares are cut at 3-7/8" but we will cut them 4" and square up the half square triangle later.

Creative Grids Square It Up 6-1/2"
Use up scraps of odd shapes by stacking fabric and using a ruler to cut them out. I like Creative Grids Square Up Fussy Cut Ruler that's 6-1/2" square.  The diagonal, horizontal and vertical lines and the seam allowance are perfect for fussy cutting and squaring up. The small size is easy to handle. Use a smaller cutting mat so you can rotate it easily. Stack about 8 layers of fabric and place the ruler on top. Cut two sides, cutting away all the fabric from those sides. Rotate the mat and cut the other two sides.

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