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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Piecing the Prismatic Star Quilt

Today I started my Prismatic Star.  Last week I attended the first of two Certified Instructor training workshops at Quiltworx in Montana.

 Here is the pattern cover for Prismatic Star.

It looks difficult but this pattern is set up for really fast and easy piecing using foundation papers and pre-cut fabric strips. This quilt requires 48 strips of 2-1/2" fabric. To make it easy for us Hoffman and Quiltworx produce packages of 48 strips. I used one of these packages.

First thing I did was cut out all the templates and put them in 6 bags. Each bag will make 4 of the parallelogram units.

When you open the fabric package you will find that the strips have already been sorted into 6 groups of 8 strips each with each group arranged from light to dark. The next picture shows the 6 groups laid out on the cutting mat.

I worked with one group at a time to prepare the fabric strips for piecing. Open up each strip and stack them with the darkest on the bottom and lightest on the top. Using the two cutting templates the stack is cut into 2 parallelograms.

The little triangle you cut off at the beginning of each stack is used to make swatches to help keep things straight.
 The smaller swatches are glued to the foundation papers and the larger swatches are glued to a Swatch Chart for Prismatic Star that you can download below.

Swatch Chart for Prismatic Star
Swatch Chart for Prismatic Star

Happy Quilting!
Carol Thelen

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