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Sunday, January 17, 2021

How Much Fabric Do I Need? - Patches

Have you ever wanted to make a quilt larger than what the pattern says? Or have you ever seen a picture of a block and wanted to reproduce that into a quilt? Most people aren't math crazy like me, so often it's the math that stops us from moving forward with our designs.

This article and the included calculator will show you how to break down a block design into it's smallest pieces that we will call patches. After all, it is a patchwork quilt!

Two Important Notes:

  1. The calculator is based on a usable fabric width of 42". Most likely you can use more of the width but I like to prewash my fabric and cut off the selvages. This gives me the extra I might need.
  2. The amount of fabric needed is the exact amount needed. You should purchase more than this just to be sure.

Start With A Patch

Example 1: A Square

Now we want to see how much fabric we need to cut 27 of these squares. Go to the calculator and enter these three numbers:

  1. Enter 5.5 in Lengthwise Grain
  2. Enter 5.5 in Crosswise Grain
  3. Enter 27 in Number needed

Enter the number of patches needed:

Cut strips @ inches x WOF

Sub-cut each strip into segments of inches.

For a total of pieces.

Fabric needed: inches OR approx. yards.

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