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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Finished -- The Good "F" Word!

I haven't posted for a happens! I have had quilt visitors in town and we all went to a four day retreat. I got a lot done at the retreat and we had a great time. One thing we discussed is finishing our projects. One retreater brought a red and white top that just needed borders. The blocks have been pieced together for over a year, and the border fabric has been stored with the top for all this time but for some reason the borders have not been attached.

I, myself, brought a backing that needed finishing. I pieced a complete a t-shirt quilt top for my daughter over a year ago and sewed two pieces of fabric together for the backing. I had 12 t-shirts prepared to applique to the backing and that is where I stopped. I brought this backing and t-shirts to this retreat because I am tired of looking at it sitting on the table in my sewing room. I vowed to finish this backing at the retreat before I started on the project I brought. Wanna know what happened?? I finished it in just under 30 minutes. Why the heck did I wait for over a year to do this and how did I get it done so fast? I think the anticipation and dread of sewing on those appliques did not appeal to me so I put it off.

I was able to finally finish this little project because my reward for finishing was that I could begin a new, fun project with a clear conscience and no unfinished project hanging over my head. One of my goals this year was to complete each project before moving on to the next one. I have always admired quilters who work on one project at a time and complete it before starting on the next one.

This year I have been able to start and finish 10 quilts: 2 service projects and 8 niece & nephew quilts. I have been able to do this because of two things:
  1. I set a goal for this year to make a quilt for each nephew, niece and all their children who have not received quilts from me. These family members are on my husband's side of the family and live out of state (four different states). I didn't see them much when they were growing up but over the last few years we have been able to attend their weddings and meet them as adults. Giving them quilts is something I want to do. At the beginning of this year there were 28. When two nieces have their babies later this year, there will be 30. It is the end of April and I'm not halfway there yet!
  2. I decided to start and finish each quilt before starting another one.
I really love this working-on-one-project-at-a-time thing:
  • Using up scraps, kits and fabric I already have = saving money.
  • Organizing patterns and fabrics into kits = a cleaner, more organized sewing room.
  • Getting projects done = a really happy quiltmaker!
Here is what I've done so far:

I did two service projects but didn't take a picture of the second one. I had picked up these blocks at a guild meeting and pieced them together. this quilt is nice and bright. Love the yellow binding.
Service Project Quilt #1
Read my online journal for this quilt on QuiltNotes - Service Project #1.


I made two of these quilts from kits I purchased. The pattern is Swirly Girls Design Perfect Ten.
Perfect Ten Quilt for Amelia and Kristy

Read my online journal for these quils on QuiltNotes - Perfect Ten For Amelia.


This is my Jelly Roll Race quilt. It was so much fun to do. It is for my niece Claire.
Jelly Roll Race
Read my online journal for this quilt on QuiltNotes - Jelly Roll Race #1.


This is for a niece, Kim. It is made from scraps from Bali Pop projects. I only had to purchase fabric for borders.

Scrap Quilt from 3 Dudes
Read my online journal for this quilt on QuiltNotes - Scrap Quilt from 3 Dudes.


I made two of these quilts from kits. Both are this lime green. One is quilted and one is not so far. I made one like this two years ago that was red instead of lime green. That one went to my cousin in Colleferro Italy. We visited them in June 2010. I want to go back!!

Turning Twenty
Read my online journal for this quilt on QuiltNotes - Turning Twenty Green.


This is made from left over strips from several Bali Pop projects. The pattern is Gemini from Blue Underground. Very easy, quick pattern to stitch up.
Scrappy Batik
Read my online journal for this quilt on QuiltNotes - Gemini.


This Log Cabin was made from a kit I purchased many years ago. It is for my nephew, James.
Log Cabin

Happy Quilting!
Carol Thelen

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