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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The Corner Four Patch Quilt

The Corner 4-Patch block finishes at 8" and is easy and fun to make. There is a 4-patch unit in the corner. The rest of the block consists of a 4″ square and a 4″ x 8″ rectangle. Use scraps, fat quarters, yardage or a combination of all three. Use strip piecing, patchwork piecing or both to construct this unit. 

4-Patch: Finished size is 4". Made with 2-1/2" strips cut from width of fabric (WOF) of one dark and one light fabric. To really make the 4-patch pop, choose light and dark fabrics that contrast with the field fabrics.

Field Fabrics:

  • Assorted fat quarters (FQs).  One FQ yields 4 blocks, or
  • One 4-1/2” x WOF strip yields 3 blocks.

Border: None

Binding: Your choice. A good way to frame the completed quilt is to use the dark fabric in the 4-patch units.

At the end of this article you can download free instructions to make this quilt in 6 different sizes.

Quilt Sizes and Fabric Yardage

The chart below shows fabric yardage requirements for six different quilt sizes. This chart uses yardage for the 4-patch units and fat quarters for the squares and rectangles.


Use a regular rotary cutter, ruler and mat if you don't already have an AccuQuilt Cutter.
AccuQuilt Owners – Use the AccuQuilt GO! 2-1/2″ and 4-1/2″ Strip Cutting Dies

 Here are some layouts you might find interesting.

Use this setting if you like everything lined up and in order.

The 4-patches meet each other in the center to form what looks like a 9-patch block.

The light 4-patch fabric forms diagonal lines and the field fabrics highlight the diagonals.

Same layout as the quilt above but with scrappy field fabrics.

Another diagonal setting. Notice how the light fabric in the 4-patch unit creates the diagonal.

Just playing with the designs Reminds me of the little corner tabs for picture albums.

Little zig-zags down the length of the quilt

Break up the zig-zags and get tossed bowties.

Happy quilting!


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