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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Arrowhead Quilt Tutorial | Layer Cake Quilt | Scrap Quilt

The block is called Arrowhead. The technique shown in this tutorial was created by Anita Grossman Solomon and published in Quiltmaker magazine in 2011. The article was titled Anita's Arrowhead. Scroll to the bottom of this page for download links to the pattern.

Finished size is 8.5" square

To make this block you need two fabrics at least 8.5 inches square. The fabrics are stacked with right sides together then trimmed down to 8 inches. Anita designed the block to be made from fat quarters but for my scrappy quilt I used 10" squares or layer cake pre cut squares.It is highly recommended that you starch the fabrics before cutting.

Finished size approx. 60" x 76"

Fabric Requirements

For the blocks
  • If you are using pre cut squares, you will need 126 of them, each at least 8.5" square.
  • If you are using fat quarters, you will need 32 of them. Four squares can be cut from each fat quarter.
For binding - 1/2 yard

Piecing the Block

Place two fabrics right sides together and trim to 8".

On the light fabric, mark a line 2" down from the upper right corner.

Mark another line 2" up from the bottom left corner.

The marked lines are shown below.

Start at the mark on the right side and stitch down and off the fabric. Turn and stitch across the bottom edge. Rotate the block and stitch from the other mark in the same manner.

Use a ruler to cut along the diagonal through the stitched corners.

Rotate the triangle on the right side so it matches the orientation of the left side triangle.

Stack the triangles.

Cut the stack 2" from the bottom...

and 2" from the left side. You will have the units shown below.


Lay the units out as shown and stitch together. Press the block then trim to a 9" square.

Assemble the Top

Lay out the blocks into 10 rows of 8 and stitch together.

Watch this video for more detailed instructions...

Happy quilting!

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