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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fire Island Hosta - Completing the Spikey Leaf

Yesterday and today were each short piecing days....about 3-4 hours each day. Yesterday I completed the remaining sections for FL-1 and about half of the sections for FL-2.

This is a picture of the partially completed FL-2. The extra fabric on the sides was getting cumbersome to work with so I gave it a haircut. This is the before.

Here is the after. Much easier to work with. This is where I stopped yesterday afternoon.

Today I completed FL-2 then attached the vein to the four FL-1 units. I thought this would be difficult but it went smooth as butter! The first thing you do is stitch a basting stitch on Line 40 Basting Stitch Line. This is 1/4" from Line 40 Sew Line. You can see these two lines in the picture below.

Here you can see where I stitched on Line 40 Basting Stitch Line.

After stitching on the basting line you fold the paper back....

and trim the fabric just outside the stitched line.

Here is the trimmed unit from the right side

Next the vein is stitched to the right side of the fabric. This went really well. Mark the points L1, L2 and Transition point on the fabric. Match these three points to the paper pieced unit. The instructions call for placing glue on the fabric but I just used pins about every inch or two. I stitched with the vein fabric on the bottom so the feed dogs could help with easing in the curved fabric. If I had stitched with the paper side down then the fabric would bunch up at the presser foot. Stitching it this way means you are stitching  blind but you are following the stitching line on the paper. It turned out very nice!

Here is the vein stitched on FL-1 before pressing.

Tomorrow I will start on the Clam Shell Border, FL-5.

Happy Quilting!
Carol Thelen

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