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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Puzzle Box Free Quilt Pattern Download

 I was attempting to organize my large pile of scraps and one of the categories I made was width of fabric pieces. These pieces range from 3" to 17" in length. I decided to cut everything into 2-1/2" strips and start making scrap quilt from the strips.

This is Puzzle Box by Christa Watson. Christa's company is Christa Quilts.  I have made several quilts using this pattern. Here is one I made for a veteran.

The pattern uses 2-1/2" x Width Of Fabric (WOF) strips and is a great way to use scraps. You will need 80 strips to make this 64" x 80" quilt. 

Download the free pattern from Christa Quilts by clicking here --> Download Puzzle Box.

Happy Quilting!

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