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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Pinwheels Galore | Scrap Quilt Tutorial | Free Instructions | Rotary Cutting | AccuQuilt

Use as many or a few scraps as you like. Instructions include rotary cutting and AccuQuilt cutting.  For the sample quilt, I used black with white dots for the main pinwheels. The secondary pinwheels are made from bright scraps. The background was made from a white tone-on-tone and white fabric with black dots.

Finished size 8"

You can scrap up all the backgrounds using low volume prints or light fabrics and scrap up the pinwheels as much as you like.

Finished quilt size: 57" x 79"

59 blocks, diagonal setting

Finished quilt size 64" x 80"

80 blocks, straight setting 8 x 10

The Block

Instructions are given for one block. There are 4 dark chisel units and 4 scrap chisel units in each block.

Rotary Cutting

Background: - Cut 8 @ 2-1/2” x 4-1/2” rectangles

  • Cut 4 @ 2-1/2” dark squares.
  • Cut 4 @ 2-1/2” scrap squares.


  • On the wrong side of each square, draw a diagonal line.
  • Place a square, right sides together, on top of a rectangle as shown.

  • Stitch on the diagonal line.
  • Trim off the corner ¼” from the stitched line.

Make 4 dark chisels and 4 scrap chisels
  • Press toward the dark fabric.

AccuQuilt Cutting

Background: Use Chisels 2"x4" finished die #55734  to cut 8 background shapes. Be sure to place the fabric right side up on the die.

  • 4 dark triangle shapes
  • 4 scrap triangle shapes


Stitch the 8 triangle shapes to the 8 chisel shapes. Press toward the dark fabric.

Assemble the Block

Piece 1 dark chisel to 1 scrap chisel as shown. Press toward the dark chisel.

Make 4

Arrange the 4 units as shown and stitch the block together. The dark fabrics should make a pinwheel in the center.

Setting Triangles for Diagonal Setting

The blocks finish 8”. To cut side and corner triangles, follow the steps below.

Side Triangles

Cut 1 strip @ 12.5” x WOF. Sub cut to 3 @ 12.5” squares. Cut each square in half diagonally twice. One strip will make 12 side triangles.

Corner Triangles

Cut 2 squares @ 6.5”. Cut each square in half diagonally once to make 4 corner triangles.

DOWNLOAD THESE INSRUCTIONS - Pinwheels Galore Block Instructions

Happy quilting!

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