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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

The Herringbone Quilt Tutorial | Free Quilt Pattern | Fat Quarter Friendly | Rotary Cutting or AccuQuilt

5” finished half square triangles are all that’s use in this quilt. Use fat quarters or scraps for the accent fabrics and yardage for the background. Fabrics used in the sample are from the Kaffe Fasset Collective collection.

Finished size 60" x 80"

Fabric Requirements
  • 24 fat quarters or enought fabric to cut 23 @ 12" squares
  • 3 yds background
  • 3/4 yds binding

Two methods of cutting and piecing are included for rotary cutting and for using the Accuquilt fabric cutting system.

Rotary Cutting and Piecing

Fat Quarters - Accent - Cut 1 @ 12" square from each fat quarter

  • Cut 8 strips @ 12" x WOF
  • Sub cut to 24 @ 12" squares
Use the Eight at a Time method to piece the half square triangles (HST).

  1. On the wrong side of background fabric squares, draw two diagonal lines shown in red.
  2. Place 1 accent fabric and 1 background fabric right sides together.
  3. STitch on both sides of each diagonal line shown as dashed lines
  4. Cut on the diagonal lines in red and the horizontal and vertical lines in blue.

AccuQuilt Cutting and Piecing

Fat Quarters - Accent
  • Cut 2 trips @ 6.5" x 18" from each fat quarter
  • Stack the strips and fold in half to make 4 layers.
  • Place on the die and cut 8 triangles from each fat quarter.
  • Cut 16 @ 6.5" x WOF
  • Sub cut each strip to 6 @ 6.5" squares
  • Place ont he die to cut 192 triangles
Sew all the accent triangles to all the background triangles. Press toward the accent fabric.

Assemble the Top

Pre-sort the fabrics . Place the HST in 24 stacks of 8 with each stack being the 8 blocks from 1 fat quarter. Arrange the stacks in the color order you like. The top is assembled in vertical rows of 16 HST.

This picture shows how I sorted the 24 stacks. The first 7 finished rows are at the bottom.

Row 1
  1. Take 2 HST from each of the first 8 stacks.
  2. Keeping them in order, stitch Row 1 according to the Odd Rows diagram.
  3. With a scrap of paper, number the top of this row as "1".
  4. Press seams toward the top of the row.
Odd Rows

Row 2
  1. Take 2 HST from each of the stacks 9 thru 16.
  2. Notice in the Even Rows diagram, the top and bottom HST are the same fabric. Take the top HST and place it at the bottom of the stack.
  3. Stitch Row 2 according to the Even Rows diagram.
  4. With a scrap of paper, number the top if this row as "2".
  5. Press seams toward the bottom of the row.
Even Rows

Rows 3 thru 12
Continue stitching odd and even rows until you hae completed a total of 12 rows.

Complete the Top

Stitch the rows together to complete the quilt top. Press seams in any direction.

...  .     

Happy quilting!

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