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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Fertilizing the Pecan Trees

Today I fertilized the two pecan trees in the west lawn. They are just about the only plant on the property that has not shown any green yet. A friend told me that they are the last to green up.

I have no idea what type of pecan they are. I fertilized with Nirto-Phos. 

Citrus & Pecan Tree Fertilizer 16-8-4

Citrus & Pecan Tree Fertilizer:

  • 16% nitrogen promotes vigorous growth.
  • 3% zinc and 1% iron for better nutrition and production.
  • ​16% sulfur has a soil acidifying effect. A slightly acid soil provides for the maximum availability of phosphorus needed for flower bud formulation and increased fruit and nut production.

NP-PC168-2020 LB.100/PALLET
6 12294 90003 6
NP-PCF-44 LB.6/CS6 12294 90029 6

Each tree is about 8 inches in diameter. I put 8 cups (8 pounds) of fertilizer around each tree.