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Monday, March 8, 2021

Scrap Garden Quilt Tutorial

 Here is the Scrap Garden quilt made entirely from scraps.

It looks complicated but it's really not. Only two blocks are used:

54-40 Or Fight - Make 32

Shoo Fly - Make 31

Each block finishes at 9"

Quilt finished size is 63" x 81"

Set blocks 7 across and 9 down. Alternate the blocks starting with the 54-40 Or Fight in the upper left corner.


When choosing fabrics from your scraps, designate each fabric as either dark or light and use the placements shown above. This will get the circular effect in the completed quilt. I suggest you cut and piece a sample of each block before cutting for the entire quilt.

For cutting the fabrics I mostly used my AccuQuilt 6" Mix & Match Qube and 6' Companion Angles Qube. Information about using the AccuQuilt and rotary cutting are included in the sections below for the units.


Once I started choosing fabrics from my stash, I divided the blocks into units so I could keep track of what I needed. All the units are 3" finished.

Four Patch - Make 128

For the 4-patches I found some 2" strips in all different lengths. I pieced them together then cut them into 2" segments. I tried to mix them up so there were four different fabrics in each unit.

Cutting in progress.

AccuQuilt - Use the 2" strip cutter or Die # 2 from the 6" Mix & Match Qube.
Rotary Cutting - Cut 2" strips for strip piecing or cut 2" squares.

Tri-Rec Unit - Make 128

To get a more scrappy look, I used two different light fabrics in each unit..

AccuQuilt - I used die numbers 13 and 14 from the 6" Qube Companion Angles set. When using die #14, you'll need to cut half of the triangles with right side of the fabric facing up and half with the right side facing down.

Rotary Cutting - The only way I know to make this unit without AccuQuilt, is to paper piece it. You can download this unit for paper piecing here --> Download Tri-Rec Foundations.

Half Square Triangles - Make 124

There are a multitude of ways to piece half square triangles. Choose your favorite.

AccuQuilt - I used die #3 from the 6" Mix & Match Qube.


Light Squares - Make 156

Dark Squares - Make 31

Cut each square 3-1/2". Use your favorite method. For AccuQuilt cutting, I used die #1 from the 6" Mix & Match Qube.

I cut all the pieces for the entire quilt before piecing.


I started by piecing all the half square triangles then all 31 Shoo Fly blocks.

Next, I moved on to the tri-rec units and pieced all of them. 

After that, I pieced the 4-patch units. Then I was ready to piece the 32 54-40 Or Fight blocks,

To piece the top you will make 9 rows of 7 blocks. Start with the 54-40  Or Fight block in the upper left and alternate with the Shoo Fly block. Once the top is complete, you should have 54-40 Or Fight block in each of the four corners.

Happy quilting!


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