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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Update on Plants and Gardens

Eggplant starting to blossom

Tomatoes are getting very large. A few blossoms here and there. In the foreground the yellow squash is really taking off.

The Honey Fig tree is doing very well. Next week I will remove more grass and add mulch.

This is a pine tree seedling David got from Lowes. They were giving them away. The tree stump it's sitting atop was a dead pine tree that had to be removed.

The bougainvillea is really doing well. You can't see but there are several bright pink flowers on one stem.

This is new this week. The tall part is a braided hibiscus. It looks like there are three different hibiscus flowers on this one. Right now, there is a salmon color single and a bright pick double. You can see that one below. On the bottom of the pot are white Mandeville's.

The pampas grass is finally tamed! These three plants were part of what looked like a single, large clump of dried leaves. After this picture was taken, I added pine bark mulch around the plants.

Now for the Big Project

Today we started prepping a very large area in the front of the house for landscaping. The three following pictures were taken this morning before the workers and large machinery arrived.

The grassy area to the left will be an extension of the driveway. It will be crushed granite and another car can park there.

This large area on the left will have a pathway and a sitting area along with the plantings. Plantings will continue across the front to the door.

This area will all be plantings.

Near the end of digging day about 5" of dirt was removed and the area will be graded for drainage.

Here is the dirt that was removed so far. You can hardly see the vegetable garden on the left.

Happy quilting!