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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Landscaping Project #1 is Finished!

We have finished the first major landscaping project. We still want to add a fountain and some yard art but the plants are in for now. Here are pictures of the project.

The grassy area to the left will be an extension of the driveway. It will be crushed granite and another car can park there.

This large area on the left will have a pathway and a sitting area along with the plantings. Plantings will continue across the front to the door.

This area will all be plantings.

Near the end of digging day about 5" of dirt was removed and the area will be graded for drainage.

Here is the dirt that was removed so far. You can hardly see the vegetable garden on the left.

All the dirt is removed.

Next the edging is added to designate the rock, granite and planting areas.

More views of the edging.

About 12 tones of crushed granite and river rock arrived early in the morning.

Here you see all the granite and gravel in place. Right after that the rains came down and were trapped in the planting space to the right. This drainage issue is just rearing its ugly head at this point.

Happy quilting!

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