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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

1213 Crossroads Quilt Block Tutorial | Block of the Day 2023

Want a quilt that will really stand out? Check out the Crossroads block!

Crossroads Quilt Block 11"

4 Blocks

Sample Layout

Watch the video below and download the free instructions in the video description. Look for the grey box under the video on YouTube and click "more".

Fabric and Cutting the Crossroads Quilt Block

Cutting diagrams are shown. The AccuQuilt dies to cut each shape are listed below each diagram.

55060, 55708, 55018 or 8” Qube Shape 1

Use the 1-1/2” strip cutter. Sub cut 4-1/2” segments OR

use the 4-1/2” strip cutter. Sub cut 1-1/2” segments.

55470, 55413 or 4” Qube Shape 2

Piecing the Crossroads Quilt Block

1. Using the C patches, make the center 9-patch unit.

2. Using the B patches, make 4 side units.

Refer to diagram to assemble block.

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