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Monday, December 18, 2023

1218 Color Bands Quilt Block and Quilt Tutorial | Block of the Day 2023

Got 2-1/2” strips and scraps? Make this quick scrappy quilt in solids, patterns, textures or anything in between! The first part of this tutorial covers making the block. The second part shows how to make the quilt.

Color Bands Quilt Block 12"

Color Bands Quilt - 60" x 84"

Watch the video below and download the free instructions in the video description. Look for the grey box under the video on YouTube and click "more".

Fabric and Cutting the Color Bands Quilt Block

Cutting diagrams for each patch are shown. AccuQuilt dies that will cut each patch are listed below each diagram.

55159, 55715 or 8” Qube Shape 8

Use the 2-1/2” strip cutter. Sub cut 12-1/2” segments.

A – 12 @ 2-1/2” x 4-1/2” rectangles

B – 2 @ 2-1/2” x 12-1/2” rectangles.

Piecing the Color Bands Quilt Block

1. Using the A patches, make 2 units as shown.

2. Sew the B patches together as shown.

3. Refer to diagram to assemble block.

The Color Bands block was block 1218, December 18, part of Block of the Day 2023. The quilt finishes 60" x 84" and this version uses Bella Solids from Moda. The instructions can be downloaded from the description below the video show below.


The download instructions use 2-1/2" strips but in this tutorial I use about 35 fat quarters. First I pressed them.

I used my AccuQuilt 2-1/2" strip cutter. I folded each fat quarter in half lengthwise and layered three fat quarters on the die.

Cut each fat quarter into 6 strips @ 2-1/2" x 21". If the fat quarter is pretty straight and not wonky, you can usually get another strip. Most of my fat quarters yielded 7 strips.

There are 35 blocks in this quilt so I pulled 2 strips from each of the 35 fabrics. That's 2 strips per block. I cut each strip into 1 @ 12-1/2" and 1 @ 4-1/2" segments. Since I couldn't get another 4-1/2" segment from the strip, I went ahead and cut 1 @ 2-1/2" squares from each. The squares will go in the 2-1/2" square container for scrap quilts later.

Next I sewed all the 12-1/2" strips together in assorted pairs. These are the center bands for each block and you should have 35 pairs.

The side bands were stitched next. Make 2 sets of 6 rectangles for each block as shown.

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