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Monday, February 15, 2021

How To Fold And Store A Quilt

My friend, Jackie Theriot, owner of Black Cat Creations, suggested an article on how to fold and store a quilt without getting creases in it over time. This is something that has always concerned me. Generally, most of my quilts are given away or donated to causes. But the ones I will always keep are simply folded and placed on a shelf. They do have creases in them but Jackie has inspired me to look into this problem and find a solution. Here is what I found.

Two Methods of Folding

Here is a short video from Beth Bacher of Backstitch Quilt Repair. Beth shows two methods of folding quilts.

Beth advises to refold quilts at least once a year to prevent creases. Note - the website link for Backstitch Quilt Repair does not work. The last post on her Facebook page was April 2016 (as of today). I don't know if Backstitch Quilt Repair is still in business.

How to Fold and Store a Quilt

This short video from National Quilters Circle shows how to fold on the diagonal and why. Kelly Hanson is the instructor and she also gives tips for storing your folded quilt.

No Fold Method

Another way to store as quilt is to roll it, not fold it. Here is an excellent video (4-1/2 minutes) from Leah Day of She demonstrates how to prepare and use a pool noodle to store her quilts.

I love this method. Pool noodles are lightweight and inexpensive. I bet you can find a way to vertically hang these noodle/quilts. If the quilts are tightly wrapped on the noodle, they shouldn't slip down if they were hung. It could be something as simple as wrap the excess outer sleeve over a thin dowel then use a large binder clip to hang it.

Acid Free Boxes

If you prefer to use a box for even safer storage after folding, be sure to use an acid free box with acid free tissue paper. These boxes will protect your quilt and make it easier to store on shelves. The quilts should be re-folded at lease once a year.

Happy quilting!


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