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Monday, February 8, 2021

This Week At Five Oaks

This weekend I started cutting my next scrap quilt I'm calling Scrap Garden. I've never been good at coming up with clever names for quilts but it's a scrap quilt and I'm making plans for a garden so Scrap Garden works for me.

The quilt is made from two classic blocks: 

Shoo Fly
Consists of half square triangles and squares.

Fifty Four Forty Or Fight
Consists of a square, 4-patches and tri-rec units.

NOTE: The name of this block comes from a political campaign in the mid 1800's and it refers to a latitude coordinate in Oregon claimed by Great Britain.

Anyway, if you take the Fifty Four Forty Or Fight block apart and put the units around the Shoo Fly block and add a little fairy dust, you get something like this:

Scrap Garden Block

Here are the stats for this quilt:

Units - 3" finished
Block s- 9" finished
Setting - 7 blocks across, 9 blocks down
Quilt - 63" x 81"

Next I had to determine how many of each unit I needed. I got my trusty graph paper book and my Frixion erasable pen (yes I only have one and it is red) and started breaking down the parts.

Revised: These numbers are all wrong! Correct numbers below.

Here are the number of units needed:

Half square triangles - 124
4-Patch units - 128
Light squares - 156
Dark squares - 31
Tri-rec units - 128

I used my AccuQuilt 6" Qube and 6" Companion Angles Qube for everything but the 4-patch units. For those I used strip piecing.

If you don't have an AccuQuilt yet, use your favorite method to make the half square triangles and use strip piecing to make the 4-patches. For the Tri-rec units you can download the paper piecing templates for the 3" finished unit.

Be sure to check your printer settings and make sure your printed units are 3-1/2" square.

To keep myself organized, I write on scrap paper what I need and keep a tally as I go. Here is what I had at the end of this cutting party.

Here is what I have this morning. It is a buffet of cut fabric pieces

Now to start the stitching. But first, I am off to  Five Oaks to meet the contractors who are going to demolish the little bathroom upstairs. In a few weeks it should be ready for guests in that room. I'll post pictures as I get them.

Happy quilting!


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