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Friday, February 19, 2021

Strip Piecing Tutorial

Strip piecing is a technique using strips of fabric sewn together in parallel rows. The parallel rows are called strip sets. Cut the strip set into segments called units. Sew the units into the quilt top. This strip piecing tutorial shows you how.

Strips are cut in various widths from selvage to selvage. Using this method cuts down on the time it takes to cut and sew units together.

Cutting Strips

This video shows how the fabric is pressed and cut into strips.

Cutting Strips from Carol Thelen on Vimeo.

Sewing and Sub-Cutting Strips

The next video shows some strip piecing basic information.

This video shows how the strips become 4-patch units.

Strip Piecing Tips

Use spray starch when pressing strips for strip piecing. Starch gives the strips a little stiffness, making piecing easier and more accurate. When sewing strips together, alternate the direction you stitch the seam. For example, stitch from left to right on one seam. Stitch from right to left for the next seam. This helps keep the strips straight.

 Strip Piecing Project - Color Block Quilt

Find instructions and free pattern download for an easy strip pieced quilt:

Color Block Quilt

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