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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Texas Edition: Yellow Rose

This block is part of the Texas Edition Block of the Month program.

Fabric and Special Instructions for Yellow Rose

For those of you in the Texas Edition BOM program, this video shows the fabric and special instructions for the Yellow Rose block.

Weblon® is a material sometimes used in raw edge applique. This video tells when you might use it and how to prepare your fabric with it. For the Yellow Rose block, white fabric is substituted for the Weblon®.

Raw Edge Applique Process

The process of completing a raw edge applique project are illustrated below using the Ol’ Texan Pick Up Truck as an example. The same process us is used for Yellow Rose.

Trace The Pieces

You will need a light box for tracing. If you are making the small size you can begin tracing now. If you are making the large size, you will need to tape the large pages together to make the complete design. Once the paper is ready you can begin tracing the applique pieces. The video below shows how to prepare the drawing and trace the pieces.

Next is a short video with some tracing tips before you get started.

Preparing the Fabric

Now that all the pieces have been traced, it's time to place the pieces onto the fabric.

In looking at the finished small block, I realized that the truck bed doesn't have enough contrast from the background. I should have changed out the fabric before fusing everything down. Lesson learned! We complete assembly of the large version in the video below.

Add the Stitching Details

Once all the applique pieces are steamed down permanently, it is time to add the stitching details with your Micron pen.

The next block in the series is Windmills and Sunflowers.

Happy quilting!


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