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Saturday, February 6, 2021

The Bear Paw Quilt Block

The Bear Paw quilt block is a classic. This block looks great when set on point as well as in straight sets. This tutorial shows how easy it is to make the Bear Paw quilt block using triangle papers. First lets look at some Bear Paw quilt blocks in quilts. These pictures come from the QuiltNotesLLC board on Pinterest.

How to Piece The Bear Paw Quilt Block:  Step-By-Step

This method used Triangles On A Roll brand of triangle papers.

A chart at the end of this article shows the fabric cutting requirements for various sizes of finished blocks.

Step 1: Prepare the Fabric and Papers

All of the triangle papers start with two pieces of fabric placed right sides together. Place the paper on top of the fabric. I have found that using spray starch makes stitching easier and more accurate. Cut the fabric pieces to fit the paper(s) needed for 64 half square triangles. Press and starch each fabric. Place a light and a dark fabric with right sides together. Place the paper on top as shown below. 

Secure the papers to the fabric using pins. Place the pins so they do not cover any dashed lines.

Step 2: Stitch on the Dashed Lines

Use a smaller stitch length, more stitches per inch, when using triangle papers. 

Stitch on the dashed lines. Follow the arrows. Stitching can generally be done continuously over large areas. Stitch off the edges of the paper. Stop stitching when all the dashed lines are stitched.

Step 3: Trim on Every Solid Line

Start with the outside solid lines. Trim on the solid lines.

Next, trim the horizontal solid lines. 


Continue trimming on the solid lines. You will have 64 triangles.

Step 4: Remove the Papers

 First, tear the triangle paper against the stitching line to remove it. Next, remove the smaller piece of paper.

Step 5: Press Seams Towards Dark Fabric

Press toward the dark fabric. Use the spray starch if needed. Trim off the little triangle nubs. Trimming helps gets the nubs out of the way when piecing the block.

Sixty Four half square triangles for 4 Bear Paw blocks.

Step 6: Lay Out the Squares and Rectangles

Lay out the squares, rectangles and half square triangles as shown above. NOTE:  Oops! the half square triangle in the upper left should be rotated clockwise 1/4 turn.

Cutting Chart for the Bear Paw Quilt Block: 7", 10-1/2" and 14" Finished Sizes

Want To Make a Bear Paw Quilt?

Download Free Quilt Pattern

Happy quilting!


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